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 New Pokemon!

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PostSubject: New Pokemon!   Sat Sep 11, 2010 4:49 pm

Hey everybody.Loads of new pokemon after being revealed.

Buffalon - Headbutt Cow Pokémon. Normal-type, with the Herbivore and Reckless abilities. It learns a new attack called Afro Break, which deals massive damage, but also inflicts recoil.
Dangoro - Mantle Pokémon. Pure Rock-Type, with the Sturdy ability. It learns an attack called Strike Down, which takes flying Pokémon and smashes them into the ground. It inflicts recoil damage.
Tabunne - Healing Pokémon. Normal-type, with the Healing Heart an Regeneration abilities. It learns an attack called Heal Beam, which heals your partner.
Mebukijika - Season Pokémon. Normal/Grass-type evolution of Shikijika. Herbivore and Chlorophyll abilities. Mebukijika's forms change with the season.
Monmen - Grass-type Cotton Ball Pokémon. Abilities are Mischievous Heart and Slip Through.

Churine - Grass-type with Chlorophyll and Own Tempo. Churine is exclusive to Pokémon White.
Basurao - The Violence Pokémon. Water-type with Reckless and Adaptability abilities. Has 2 forms, which differ with each version (Like Gen III Deoxys).
Yooterii - Puppy Pokémon. Normal-type with the Pick Up ability. It learns an attack called Cheer Up, which boosts Atk and Sp.Atk.
Choroneko - Ill Natured Pokémon. Dark-type with the abilities Limber and Unburden.
Desukan - Coffin Pokémon. Pure Ghost-type, with the ability Mummy, which changes the ability of any Pokémon that has physical contact with the Pokémon to Mummy.

Ononokusu - Jaw Horn Pokémon. Pure Dragon-type, with the abilities Rivalry and Mold Breaker. It learns an attack called Dragon Tail, which may cause your opponent to switch out.
Denchura - Electric Spider Pokémon. Electric/Bug with the abilities CompoundEyes, or Anxiety, which prevents the use of an opponent's held berry.
Doryuzu - The Deep Earth Pokémon, Ground/Steel type with the abilities Sand Throw and Sand Power.
Boapp - High Temperature Pokémon. 0.6m tall, 11kg and Fire-type. Has the ability Gluttony, and learns the attack Burst Flame, which does damage to nearby opponents.
Hiyapp - Water Throw Pokémon. 0.6m tall, 13.2kg and Water-type. Has the Gluttony ability, and a new attack called Boiling Water, which is Water-type, and can cause a burn.

And then there's this thing. Dont really like this pokemon. I think it looks stupid. Doesnt look very pokemoney.

Tamagetake - Mushroom Pokémon. Grass/Poison-type with the Effect Spore ability. It learns an attack called Clear Smog, which erases all Stat Changes.

Janobii - Tsutarja's evolution is the Grass Snake Pokémon. A pure Grass-type, 0.8m tall and 16kg. Its ability is Overgrow.
Chaobu - Pokabu's evolution is the Fire Pig Pokémon. It is 1m tall, weighs 16kg and is a Fire/Fighting type. Its ability is Blaze.
Futachimaru - Mijumaru's evolution is the Training Pokémon. It is 0.8m tall, weighs 24.5kg and is pure Water-type. Its ability is Torrent.

Emonga learns a new attack called Electi Ball, which increases in power depending on the speed difference between the user and the target.
Victini learns a new attack called Fire Sphere, which hits all opponents can cause a burn. Victini can't learn this by level up.

Dento shares his gym with two co-Leaders called Corn (lol), and Pod who each use one of the chimps. The one you face apparently depends on your starter.
Aloe, the second Gym Leader, uses Normal types, and is therefore, weak to Choabu.

Here is the leader of Team Plasma, Geechizu, who you meet in the second town, Garaku Town. Also, N has a Choroneko
Reshiram's Signature attack is called Cross Fire while Zekrom's is called Cross Thunder. When used together, they both have higher power and attack automatically.

Makomo will loan you her Munna so you can access Dream World, where there are numerous Mini-games. Scores in these mini-games will determine if Pokémon you meet want to join you in the main games (So, they're just using your talent?).
Pokémon Available in the Dream World depend and different areas, including Magikarp, Aerodactyl, Lotad. Also, you can play the Dream World even if you don't have Black or White!
You can also trade items in the Dream World.

Also, the PokéShifter uses DS Download Play to communicate with DPtHGSS. The Transfer Machine that allows you to transfer the movie Celebi and Crown beasts over; this needs the passcode "Everyone Happy Easy Connection". Also, there's an ability to battle directly from the Menu.

Zorua is found in Huin City, and Zoroark is found in a new area called Illusion Forest. Only one of each.

Im a bit disappointed with Pokabu the fire pig starter because I was going to pick him but I dont think im going to now. I like Tauros' new hair style though. I think Stantler could have been the evolved form of Shikijika and the pre evolved form of Mebukijika. Ononokusu and the electric spider are my favorites I think. I dont like dongoro or the leader of Plasma because Team Plasma (The new Team Rocket) are supposed to be medieval knights and the leader looks like something from the future.

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New Pokemon!
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