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Diamond Dude

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PostSubject: Rules   Tue Jul 06, 2010 2:21 pm

1. No abusive language or actions towards any other members or staff
2. No excessive swearing
3. No excessive smilies. This is seen as spam and is not permitted
4. No advertising. Linking Images in signatures and links in signatures are permitted.
5. No images or words of a racist, sexist, ageist or pornographic nature.
6. No Flaming
7. No Trolling
8. Try and post in the correct areas. If you dont a moderator will move it but please try and do it yourself
9. No bullying
10. Respect all staff
11. If you abuse your power you will be warned. If you persist, your power will be stripped and you may be banned
12. Keep all comments relavent and stay on topic. Do not post about something completley random.
13. Do not make a thread if a similar one exists. This does not apply to trade stations, graphic shops etc.
14. Do not reply to a Bot's topic. Report them to a member of staff and they will be removed immediatley.
15. If someone is bullying you via PM or on a topic or on-site in any way, contact a member of staff or Diamond Dude and he will sort the problem
16. No double posting. Edit your last post. Double posting is allowed on sticky topics
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