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 Pokemon Fighters RPG: Trial Version

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Warrior Rapter

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PostSubject: Pokemon Fighters RPG: Trial Version   Fri Jun 18, 2010 4:10 pm MNAS4575

I uploaded it as a .rar file, so all you have to do is save the file, unzip, and run the setup in the folder. There's also a read-me included with the controls.

Pokemon Fighters RPG is a game I took up constructing over a year ago to have as a custom game for my guild. It has yet to be finished, probably due to the fact that I've been constructing it solo, but I'm happy with what I have so far, and I think it's about time more than just some of my friends play it, get a wide variety of opinions.

The game is based off of the Pokemon side-game series, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and those of you who have played PMD will recognize a bit of plot in PF:RPG that I decided to keep. Aside from that bit, some sprites I've gained from Spriters Resource, and music here and there, there is not much else PMD-like in this game.

As per some common things brought up by people who have tried it:
- I'm sorry, the starter has to be Charmander. You gain party members along the storyline and occasionally through side quests. I'm not aware of how to set it up to have multiple choices for starting characters (if there is one), so just try not to let the fact that you're not a fan take away from the game please.
- There is no map. If I could watch, I could tell you by memory where turns and chests are because as I design this game, I also test it out to make sure storyline text works, etc., but that's more memorization. If anybody wants to design a map as they play through, feel free to do so.

Aside from that, I just have a few helpful tidbits of information:
- Getting level 3 in the Lonely Cave will help through the travel in the Desert
- Most of the quests you'll get at the start will end in a boss battle, so stock well.
- There is one room in the sewers that you will NOT be able to exit from until you perform a certain task. The task and the room will be obvious when you enter it. If you are unsure, save before you take stairs.
- There are paths in the rain forest that are hidden in plain sight.

To end with, hope you guys enjoy the game, and if you could, please keep an eye out for glitches/bugs (not including the text during battle, most of that is fault of the program).
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Diamond Dude

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Fighters RPG: Trial Version   Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:51 pm

Not being mean
But I think the game needs alot more work
The menu etc. was very confusing for me and theres nothing telling me of the controls
Also the main thing
Was I couldnt read the text
Give it a window mode as well
Maybe the text didnt look good because it was so close up
Good work though
Just keep making improvements! Smile
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Pokemon Fighters RPG: Trial Version
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