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PostSubject: !NEW POKEMON RELEASED!   Sat Jun 12, 2010 12:51 pm

New Pokémon Revealed!
Thanks to Pokémon World for all the information.

Hey Guys,
First, as a little tidbit: Nintendo will apparently be showing off Pokémon Black Version at the upcoming E3 convention.

Also, CoroCoro leaks are beginning! We currently have 7 new Pokémon Pokémon:

The Five Pokémon:
"Gear" the Gear Pokémon (Who knew?) has the abilities Plus and Minus (Previously exclusive to Plusle and Minun) and is Steel-type. Gear also has a new attack called Gear Saucer which attacks multiple times.
Munna, the pink Pokémon, is the Dream Eater Pokémon and is Psychic-type. It's abilities are Forewarn and Synchronise and has an attack called Telekinesis which effect seems to involve making an opponent levitate.
Mamepato is the Baby Pigeon Pokémon, is Normal/Flying and has the abilities Super Luck and a new ability called Pigeon Heart, which apparently prevents the reduction of a Pokémon's defence.
Chirami the Chinchilla Pokémon is a Normal-type, with the abilities Cute Charm and Technician and it knows a new attack called Sweep Slap. It is also number 70 in the Isshu Pokédex.

And these awesome guys:

Hihadurama, the Flaming Pokémon has a new ability called Encourage
Shimama the Charged Pokémon is an Electric-type with Lightning Rod and Motor Drive. It also has a new attack called Wild Bolt which hits both users.
Meguroko the Desert Crocodile Pokémon, is a Ground/Dark type with the abilities are Intimidate and a new ability called Earthquake Spiral (Which could also be Over-Confidence which apparently raises the attack of Meguroko when it defeats a Pokémon.

Reshiram, the White Yang Pokémon is Fire/Dragon and Zekrom, the Black Yin Pokémon is Electric/Dragon. Reshiram's ability is called Turbo Blaze and Zekrom's ability is called Terror Voltage.

Zorua and Zoroark are Not available during normal gameplay - Zorua is obtained by trading over a Fateful Encounter Celebi and will be level 10.


Also, we finally have a female professor Who is officially announced to be called Professor Araragi.

Also, a new feature called C Cog which allows the player to play with various connection capabilities, which is shown being used in a Pokémon Centre. The GTS is now in Pokémon Centres, and a new feature called Random Match where you can play freely with random people. Also, you can upload your save file to the internet to get help etc.

The Isshu Region is going to be like the Hoenn region, with few previous Pokémon appearing. It is said that there will be around 150 new Pokémon.

Also, you can check the current weather conditions when choosing your attack.

Mijumaru learns Tail Whip.

And lastly - we have the Map of the Isshu Region, based on New York City in America:

Once again thanks to Pokémon World for the info and Ryu Shoji of Pokemon World for writing it.
...Damn we need a reporter.
Hint hint
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